These People Here

(left to right) Douglas’ Family/ Mama, Nannie, and Kenny/My Family/James’ Family

This month my extended family took family pictures to give to my mother for Christmas. These pictures included my brothers and their families as well as my maternal grandmother. My brothers and I have given my mother and grandmother ten grandchildren.

I am so proud of how close we are, and I always look forward to spending time with my family. These new photographs freeze a moment in time to have forever. After my daddy and paternal grandmother died in 2016, I realized that my photographs of them mean so much to me. I want to pass these beautiful photographs down to my children’s children.

On another note, I find myself really being proud of the photo with my mama, my husband, and sister-in-laws. Deeann is my brother Douglas’ wife, and Leigh Ann is my brother James’ wife. Chris is my husband, and Cynthia is my mother. In laws can seriously be the unsung heroes of a family.

These spouses are the glue that keep the family together! They are the warriors behind the scenes. My sister-in-laws not only keep my brothers healthy and happy, they also come to my rescue on the regular!

We have fought battles together at our kitchen tables, trying to save our family legacy. We have eaten barbeque chicken while the kids run around and play. We sat in courtrooms together, praying for a favorable outcome. My sister-in-laws rally around my troubled children, mentoring and loving them in ways that I am unable to do. In laws can make or break the extended family with their drama and dissension.

These people here have strengthened our family unit while blessing and enriching the lives of our children.

Thank you, Leigh Ann and Deeann, for your love and support. I love and appreciate you so much. Mama and Chris already know how much I love and appreciate them. It takes a village to make a Jennifer happy!

Deeann, Chris, Cynthia (Mama), and Leigh Ann

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I am an English teacher, mother, and wife, but I love to write. I feel that I am blessed to be able to use my talent to write about my children's books, poems, short fiction, and parenting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my experiences with beginning a writing career while focusing on my children and my job. I look forward to comments and to hear from my readers!

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