Almost There…”Purposeful Day”

My Illustrator, Joshua, sent six more painted pages for “Purposeful Day” this morning. He and I are finishing up the last few pages and font styles for this book. I am still on schedule for an end of January release. For this blog post, I would love to give you all a sample of “Purposeful Day” with a few illustrations. As always, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

“‘The stone which the builder’s rejected has become the chief cornerstone.'”(1 Peter 2:7, Psalms 118: 2)

Purposeful Day

 by Jennifer Greene-Sullivan

Sarah and Sammy Stone live among all the rocks in the quarry. 

Unlike the other rocks, Sarah dreams of being chosen for a purpose. 

“I wonder  what my purpose is?” She asks her brother Sammy one bright, summer’s day.

Sammy and Sarah Stone live in the quarry.

 “What do you mean, Sarah? This is where all Stones stay in the quarry–for always.” 

Sammy ponders Sarah’s purpose.

In her heart, she felt different, maybe a little odd. “I believe I will think positively on my purpose today, Sammy.”

“Alright,” is all he could say.

 Later that afternoon, several men visited the quarry, and the rocks began to whisper of masons, and workers, and plans. 

Inspectors visit the quarry.

“Sammy, the men came and placed their hands on my face. I saw them blink and gaze at me. I know they have something special planned for me.” 

Sammy frowned and replied, “Sarah Stone, don’t go thinking that there’s a life outside the quarry. All Stones remain here–for always.”

Sarah and Sammy live inside the quarry.

 A week passed, trucks, cranes, and front end loaders descended upon Sarah and Sammy’s domain. 

The machines were driven by the masons and workers that had visited that summer’s day.

Sammy is shocked that they came back to the quarry!

Sarah barely spoke audibly, “Here’s my chance. Certainly, they will pick me.” 

Instead, the machines pecked and scraped and maneuvered Sammy outside of the quarry. 

Sarah remained, heart broken, and rejected. 

End of Excerpt

Sammy leaves the quarry.

I cannot wait to get the book trailer done and publish it to Amazon! Here is hoping for a January 30 or January 31 release date!!