A Friend for Festus Hardcover is LIVE

by Jennifer Greene-Sullivan

Illustrated by Joshua Wichterich

It’s been a labor of love to spend the last three weeks tweaking this book so that it fits the parameters for hardcover. I have uploaded the incorrect inside matter, changed the margins of the cover, and redesigned the back cover. I have done seven sets of edits, and I have just prayed that it would be over soon! Right now, on this VERY day, A Friend for Festus HARDBACK is LIVE on Barnes and Noble.com.

Of course, the eBook and paperback are still available on AMAZON, but having this book available with a hardcover makes me happy. There’s nothing like watching a child play and read a hardcover; truthfully, I prefer to let my kids drool all over the hardcovers. The drool makes the book more realistic and enjoyable. 🙂