Attack of the Pocket Fuzz is Moving to Joshua’s House

Jennifer Greene-Sullivan 2/3/22

Esmerelda has made a trip to Slidell, Louisiana, to live with Joshua Wichterich until she is ready to return to Roddy, Georgia.

Attack of the Pocket Fuzz has to be one of the most exciting books I have written in two years. I told my oldest daughter this week that Lee-Lee is Liam’s (my son) imagination on the page, but Esmerelda is my imagination on display.

I find myself loving that little girl and her whimsical daydreams and creative play. The voice in this book is genuinely me, and I had so much fun creating it. It will be about 40 illustrated pages, so it is the most ambitious project that Joshua and I have untaken so far. Long live Esmerelda and her little dog too.

Rudy will make his chiweenie appearance and Chester, Georgia, gets its children’s book debut. I look forward to updates and sketches. 🙂