Excerpt of “Esmerelda’s Surprise” by Jennifer Greene-Sullivan

Esmeralda lives in a big white house on a top of a tall clay hill. A short, red picket fence surrounds her house. She loves the red fence because she pretends the fence is lava, flowing from a huge angry volcano.

Also, her daddy’s brown tool shed looks like a fierce volcano. Esmeralda jumps into her green turtle sandbox to escape the flow of the lava, but just as she fears that the lava might cover her turtle sand box, she sees her mom’s car, coming up the drive.

Esmeralda waits for her mom’s car to stop, and then she runs very fast to the car door. “Hi, honey, how are you?” her mother asks.

“I’m playing volcano with killer lava, Mom. You want to play?” Esmeralda urges.

“I’d love to sweetie, but I have a surprise for you in this box. I need to take it inside.” Her mom added, walking to the back door.

A surprise! Esmeralda thought. In that box!  The box looks just like every other brown box except for the half dollar sized holes scattered all around it.

“Hmm… I wonder if it’s a camera. One of those really nice cameras that you can put on a stand. OH YEAH!” she said to herself. “A camera like that would be great for taking pictures of the erupting volcano and steady moving lava. I hope, I hope, I hope for a camera!”