An Important Dedication

Five years ago, I had come to a crossroads in my life experience. I had suffered a recent setback in my professional and love life. The figurative crossroad existed in my mind: I had to make a decision. Was I going to continue to lick my wounds and be crushed, or was I going to determine what I wanted for myself and actively pursue my goals? First, I must “scio te ipsum.” (Ironically, scio te ipsum is on the Greene family crest). In November and December of 2015, I realized that I wanted to be married and to have more children more than anything else, and I needed to date again.

When you live in the sticks in Georgia, what do you do to find some single, middle aged people? Well, I joined Farmers Only for the first two weeks in December 2015. Those two weeks were not very beneficial, except I did meet a new friend. So, I tried to delete the account each day in December, but it wouldn’t delete. I had totally forgot about the app when randomly on January 9, 2016 I got an email from a childhood friend through Farmers Only. I had not seen or heard from Chris, my childhood friend, since we were both in high school.

He asked me to go to our home church on a date that next day, and I said yes. We’ve been together ever since, and we now have five children between us. Our son, Liam, is the inspiration and the model for the Adventures of Lee-Lee books, and just my husband’s presence seems to give me the strength I need to follow my dreams and actually ENJOY my life.

I added a dedication to Chris on Adventures of Lee-Lee’s first book today. My farming, welding husband may not read this blog or my books, but he has such an impact on what I do and how well I do it. Don’t get me wrong: I am a very independent, strong willed woman. However, being in a relationship with an independent strong willed man who chooses to spend his life with me and our children blesses my heart and my life. I love you, Chris Sullivan.

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I am an English teacher, mother, and wife, but I love to write. I feel that I am blessed to be able to use my talent to write about my children's books, poems, short fiction, and parenting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my experiences with beginning a writing career while focusing on my children and my job. I look forward to comments and to hear from my readers!

2 thoughts on “An Important Dedication”

  1. Your poems really touched my Heart. You sure have a way with words. I really enjoyed both children books
    and loved the pictures of your precious son.


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