It’s Kasey’s GOTCHA Day!!

April 30, 2021 Kasey Meeks GOTCHA Day Anniversary

My Babies’ Birthstones: Anya, Kasey, Sophia, Bailey, and Liam

This Sunday, my precious Kasey gave her testimony. I was so proud to watch the beautiful young Christian woman she has become. She is completely different from the broken teenager who struggled to survive in a tough situation in 2016 and 2017. Even while she was telling her story, she smiled the entire time.

In her eyes, I saw VICTORY! I saw GRACE! I saw my daughter standing there in all her gloriousness. All it took was the LOVE of Christ and the LOVE of a family. May 2019, my oldest daughter went to pick Kasey, her best friend, up from her cousin’s yard. She had a cell phone, a trash bag, and her dignity.

Her mother had not been able to provide for her several years earlier, and the cousin she had been living with could no longer care for her. She literary graduated a week when she found herself alone without viable options. I encouraged Anya to get Kasey and bring her home to us. That is where she has been since May 2019. Those first few months were so hard for her, but we were happy to have her and to accept her into our family.

By time the pandemic had caused us to “quarantine” from March 2020 till August 2020, Kasey had agreed to allow my husband and I to adopt her. April 30, 2020, we had video conferenced our way into being the proud parents of a beautiful, loving college student. Today makes a year that Kasey has been our official daughter, but she has been in our lives and in our hearts since 2015 when she first met Anya in the eighth grade.

Kasey and Anya

I absolutely could not image my life without both of my daughters: Anya and Kasey make me complete. All five of our children have special purposes in this world, and I get to love and to support them as they make their own way and eventually their own families. There will never be enough to say about my daughter on her GOTCHA DAY, but I am one BLESSED MOM. God bless you my precious, Kasey. Happy Gotcha Day!

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