New Edition Coming Soon…

New Cover for “Adventures of Lee-Lee: First Christmas in a New Home

For the last part of the work week, I have been busy working on a 2nd Edition of this book in my series. When I originally wrote it, I do believe I must have had clumsy fingers and a grieving mind. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but we had just moved into my dad’s home after he passed away and maybe it wasn’t a good time to write that book yet.

Now that I am revising and rewriting, I see a lack of story line, all my mistakes, and I feel disappointed in myself. However, I must remind me that I am looking at the original book from a less mournful lens. I can clearly read my grief and loss, which makes for better poetry not a peppy children’s book. I have a better sense of my character as well as how I want him portrayed.

I also feel that I have a better handle on my layout process, and I am finding more peace while totally rewriting instead of feeling the sting of loss as I write. Writing is such an emotionally driven task for me that I definitely see the benefit from removing myself from the first edition for an entire year.

With luck and better direction, the second edition will tell a sincere story with a more enthusiastic tone and mood. I’ve completed the first 11 pages of rewrite as of this evening. These pages are true to my voice and my goals. I am so excited to finish the rewrite and resubmit the new book this weekend!

I am determined to make the last two months of 2020 more productive and more positive than the first months of this pandemic stricken year!