Greene Acres is the place to be…

“Mama, I loved my field trip to the farm today.” my four-year-old little boy said about visiting my brother and sister-in-law’s farm on a school field trip.

“I didn’t even get out of line and move away from my class but for one time.”

“What time is that, Son?”

“I moved out of the line and ran over to Jimmy Mac’s tractors. I showed all my friend’s my granddaddy’s tractors that James (my brother) has at his farm. I am proud of them, Mama.” Liam said while smiling up at me.

I talked with him about behaving like a visitor to the farm would instead of a wild little boy who walks through the farm’s yard and runs around and comes and goes as he pleases as the nephew of the owners. He promised me he would be good. He kept that promise.

It warms my heart that James and Leigh Ann (my brother and sister-in-law) have created an agribusiness in our community that creates a place for families to bond, a place for children to play, and a place for to make memories.


Even tonight, Greene Acres is having a vendor night, and I get to participate. I am bring my wares: my children’s books. My step daughter, mother, and sister-in-law will also being selling their wares. Our children will run through the lights and laugh as we meet with members of the community.

This farm has allowed our community a safe space to share, to love, and to enjoy each other. I am so proud of be kin to such wonderful people with such a purposeful business. I cannot wait to see the lights too and enjoy the food! See you all tonight from 6-10 pm in Roddy, Georgia.