Sneak Peek of “Festus and His Pink Poop Emoji Pillow”

My new Children’s book series

Jennifer Greene-Sullivan 12.27.20

Book Excerpt

Festus and His Pink Poop Emoji Pillow

Festus is a rambling, rambunctious Jack Russell who lives on his family’s farm. He runs free and fast in his yard. Sometimes, he acts naughty and chases the ducks that swim in the pond. 

One day, his dad, Mr. Farley, drove up the driveway and caught Festus chasing one of the ten Peking ducks. The duck ran very fast then flew low to the ground.  Mr. Farley called Festus, and the bright, white duck made it into the pond. 

The grateful duck swam happily back to the edge of the pond, and she hopped right back onto the bank. Mr. Farley scolded Festus as he grabbed him up in his burly arms. “Festus, your mom is going to tan your hide if you catch one of her precious ducks.” Festus sneezed and whimpered as if he already knew that he was in big trouble. 

When Festus’ mom returned home from work, she found Festus curled up asleep on her bed. “Festus, my sweet boy! What are you doing in the house?” Mrs. Farley sat down and rubbed Festus’ speckled and white belly. “Let’s go find out what happened! Come on, Boy.” she called as they walked into the living room. 

Festus quickly jumped up into Mr. Farley’s lap as he rocked in the soft, brown recliner. “So, what exactly did my sweet boy do wrong today, Honey?” Mrs. Farley asked. 

“Well, he chased one of the female ducks near the pond earlier, and I believe he would have caught it. He is a natural hunter.” Mr. Farley answered as he stroked Festus’ back. 

“Of course, it is natural for him to hunt. I raised my ducks all spring long, and I have to protect my babies until they are older. So, I suggest that Festus become a house dog for a while.” Mrs. Farley said sternly. Festus turned his head and looked confused. He had never lived inside before now. 

The Farleys didn’t have many toys inside the house for Festus to play with, so their two children donated a few to keep free-spirited Festus entertained. The two children placed the box of donated toys down in front of their dog, and he dove right in nose first. 

Festus pushed and prodded the box until he grabbed and pulled out his favorite one–a hot pink poop emoji pillow. He flung the pillow up in the air, and Festus quickly shook the pink pillow from side to side. After several minutes, he stopped slinging the poop emoji pillow, and Festus drugged it to the couch where he curled up beside it. 

Festus’ first book will debut April 2021.

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I am an English teacher, mother, and wife, but I love to write. I feel that I am blessed to be able to use my talent to write about my children's books, poems, short fiction, and parenting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my experiences with beginning a writing career while focusing on my children and my job. I look forward to comments and to hear from my readers!

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