Joshua’s Gifts to Me

My illustrator is the BEST!!

by Jennifer Greene-Sullivan 1/14/22

Page Two the “Jesus and the Rooster Seat”

When Joshua emailed to ask my reaction to his new illustrations for my upcoming “Jesus and the Rooster Seat” book, he realized that I did not notice the “Easter Eggs” or surprises that he hid within this image. After he mentioned references to my previous books, I SAW all the presents.

My illustrator is Joshua Wichterich from Slidell, Lousiana. I found him on Upwork well over a year ago, and I must admit that I am not willing to give him up anytime soon. Let me rephrase that: The Lord found him for me!! I had researched Joshua before I posted my initial job, but I did not message him.

I posted the job, and he was the first to bid on it. Of course, I wouldn’t have cared what he wanted because he was the illustrator of my DREAMS. He helped “school” me in the art of the illustrating game because I had no clue what I was doing. I was new to freelance illustrations, self publishing, and formating my own books. His process is so straightforward, and surprisingly, I have never been disappointed with a single idea he’s ever had.

I am so proud that our very first project together was my first traditionally published book, accepted by Trilogy Publishing (owned and operated by TBN Christian Broadcasting and Hillsong Network).

Joshua on Instagram

It is a giant blessing that we have some type of synchronicity. I like to think it’s because the Lord guided me to such a strong Christian man as an illustrator. We have the same goal: use our gifts for the building and the benefit of the body of Christ. Joshua has even commented that we have similar planning styles for our projects. I have never really thought that anyone could relate to my scattered sense of “creativity.”

The best thing about working with an illustrator more than once is the fact that we get to grow together. I am learning from him so much, and he probably has no clue that I am. I pay attention to how he markets his business, and I pay attention to how he works with his authors. He has also inadvertently introduced me to his “other” fellow authors. Some have reached out to me for us to chat about self publishing and merchandise for our projects. Again, I am learning from Joshua’s expertise.

So now that I have gushed about how proud of I am of my illustrator, let me show you his “gifts to me.”

Gifts Drawn into Illustration Two

The major synchronicity in these image happens with the little red haired girl. Joshua hasn’t seen “Stella Star’s Chicken Farm.” I haven’t finished that draft yet. I keep trying to finish it, but I keep getting bogged down in all of Stella’s chicken names and breeds. Stella is my neice, and I have based a book on her love of people and animals. She is red haired, and that is exactly how I envisioned her to look as a character. I may have imagined her hair a little more tamed (haha), but needless to say, Joshua designed that little girl with no help from me.

I like to think that it’s a message to us both: keep working on these Christian children’s book projects. Stella Star’s book will focus on ministering to others with acts of service to youngsters and to our elders. These acts of service come so naturally to my neice, and she has inspired me to take note of her sweet caring, spirit.

I write because I am happy. I work with Joshua because his style of art and his purpose for creating it inspires me to strive to improve my own relationship with the Father and with His Son. His work also makes the HAPPIEST children’s book writer of all.

Thank you, Joshua Wichterich for giving me these gifts for “Jesus and the Rooster Seat,” but most of all, thank you for being such an inspirational Christian illustrator. I will always be so happy that you took a chance on an aging English major from Roddy, Georgia.

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