Holy Spirit Dictated Book Idea

by Jennifer Greene-Sullivan

March 1, 2023 happened to be RELEASE day for Attack of the Pocket Fuzz, yet God decided He would help me plan my next project. I had contemplated finishing Stella Star’s Chicken Farm or Festus and Fin or The Pink Poodle Pocketbook for my next illustrated children’s book. I had even mentally debated focusing on Lee-Lee series or finally writing a manuscript for the title The Prideful Penguin.

However, I put all these thoughts away for my ride to work each morning. My morning commute is my main praise/pray/study time with the Lord. The truck has become my prayer closet, and I keep that time sacred each day. The Holy Spirit likes to download into me each morning about the time I pass the Chester Church of God sign. I drive past it Wednesday morning singing (“Give me a FRESH FIRE/I want that true desire/Light a match/let it go”) when the Holy Spirit reminds me to listen to Pastor Kent Christmas’ weekly podcast, so I tell Siri to start it.

Pastor Kent teaches the lesson on the Spirt versus the Flesh realms when my heart recognizes his simple digression to the feeding of the multitude (Matthew 14:13-21). I find myself returning to that miracle almost each week as I have been studying the Word. I often wonder why the Lord wants me to tarry with it. Wednesday morning, He began to explain why I have returned to the feeding of the 5000 so often in 2023.

Pastor Kent reminds the audience of the miracle of feeding the multitude and mentions that Jesus multiplied the faith of the boy with his loaves and fishes and provided for what has been estimated for 20,000 people, including the number of women and children in the crowd. Pastor Kent stated that the love of the boy’s mother to pack his food led to an increasing in faith that Jesus was able to multiply in this miracle.

With Pastor Kent’s statement, the Holy Spirit said, “write a book about the love and the faith of the boy and his mother because their love and faith built the Kingdom of God.”

I literally said out loud: “You want me to fictionalize the boy and his mother in the feeding of the multitude?”

The answer was :”Call him Victor–Victor’s Loaves and Fishes.”

I said, “Allegorical non-Jewish name”

Wow, what a marvelous, scary concept. The Holy Spirit’s book idea is an excellent one, yet it does come with research, and I feel slightly intimidated. Including Jesus Christ and the disciples in my children’s book feels like the most daunting concept to me. I am too awe struck to outline it. What I know of the Holy Spirit, He will continue to guide me as I outline this book.

I am so blessed that He trusts me with this story idea; what a wonderful, beautiful idea from my best friend, the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait to tell Joshua Wichterich, my illustrator, about it.